Building Use or Rental Agreement

Event      _______________________________________________ 

Event Date(s)______________________________ Purpose of ______________________________

Requested by: ____________________________________________ Member? (Y, N):______

Phone Number: (home)____________________________ (work)_____________________________

Email Address:__________________________________________________________

US Mail Address:__________________________________________City______________State___ZIP_______

Public__Private __UU Event__           Free? (Y, N)___ If no, how much will you charge?_____________

Number of people expected:_____________      Time: Event ____________to____________ 

  Arrive___________ Leave___________ (Includes set-up & take down).  Advance Preparation, Furniture            needed, other? _____________________________________________________________________

Our Fee Structure: 

  1. For a free event sponsored by nonmembers:  $2 per person, but no less than minimum room charge, regardless whether it’s public or private.
  2. For a free event sponsored by Members:

B1) If open to the public, $1 per person

B2) If closed to the public, $1 per person, but no less than the minimum room charge.

  • Fee Event (same charge to MEMBERS and NONMEMBERS, whether public or private):  $2 per person, minimum room charges or 10% of total collected, whichever is greater.

Minimum Charge Per Room (for use of up to 4 hours. If over 4 hours, charge doubles.)

Space(s) requested:__Sanctuary:         $50 __Large Room 1:               $30__Small Room 2:            $25__ Kitchen         $25
             Room fees for all spaces:                   _______
                 Key Deposit                          $25                  _______
                 Security Deposit                  $50                  _______
                  Cleaning charge $25/hr::                   _______
                 Piano Fee                              $25                  _______
                 Set Up Fee:                                              _______
                   Sound Tech Fee $                _______

                                                                  TOTAL:                         $_________

      Deposit received with reservation (50% total)__________________________________________________

      Balance received (due 1 week before event)______________________________________________________ Please note:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the church building without special permission.
  2. Cancellation less than 3 days before a scheduled event may result in forfeiture of deposit.
  3. Renters agree to be financially responsible for all damages that may occur during your use of facilities.
  4. Security Deposit will be refunded upon completion of the requirements as follows:

_____Premises are clean and found in same condition as when rented

_____Heat & air conditioning reset and lights turned off

_____All doors locked

_____Key (s) returned to church office when program is completed

_____Payment in full of usage fees

* Cancellation less than 1 week before scheduled event will result in forfeiture of deposit. Earlier: $25. fee.

Applicant’s signature  ______________________________________  Date ______________

UUCOB Representative signature ____________________________  Date ______________

Unitarian Universalist Congregation Ormond Beach    P.O. Box 2827 Ormond Beach, FL 32175 

 Phone:  (386) 677-6172      Email:                 

Revised Apr 2021