April 29, 2021 Minutes

Members Present

J.Kennedy, T.Taylor, K.Tew-Rickey, R. Caschette


  • J. Hilburn (entered meeting at 2:45)
  • Meeting called to order by R. Caschette
  • The February 25th minutes were approved without revision

Directory updates occur quarterly, June will be our next revision, questions around the Ottmans and Mike Simmons membership paperwork and Dan &Joan Mills have joined.  (Joanne Kennedy agreed to call Mike to ascertain his intentions). We discussed the possibility of having pictures of members in the membership directory in the future.  All felt it would be very positive.

Rev Kathy noted that 5 to 6 attend her luncheons.  There are 4 very active Soul Matter groups.  According to Marilou’s numbers of attendees during services the high has been 70 and the low 50.  Rev Kathy feels this is good when compared to other churches in Florida.  Rev Kathy is going to start having outdoor services in the area that used to be the children’s playground the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month service will start at 4PM, Jan Taylor will sing and there will be a limit of 20 allowed to participate and they will have to RSVP.  Everyone will need to bring their own chair. 

Rev Kathy mentioned a new member ceremony should occur some this fall either in person or remotely. JoAnne Kennedy queried if there were any15 year pins to be awarded. (Rebecca sent Carolyn West a message concerning both the ceremony and pins)

Rebecca discussed the food collection every weekend in March and what amazing generosity occurred from our church members and the community. There were hand written thank you cards with information about our church sent to some of the community contributors.  Many wanted to know about our church and stated they wanted to visit after Covid!

New business: Paul Pritchard and Judy Gordon have resigned from the Membership committee.

Joanne Kennedy requested that Robbie Zarski be asked to be on the membership committee.  Joanne will call Robbie and invite her.

Rebecca Caschette