The State of Our Congregation: Simply Remarkable

In the past six months, the challenges of maintaining our institutional health have been great. The learning curve remains steep as the pandemic continues to bear down on us.  Yet, what the Board of Trustees and you as the congregation have achieved in the last six months is simply remarkable.  I believe we  
find ourselves in good health today because of one vital ingredient in our religious life together — your steadfast commitment.

Your commitment to be present to and connected with each other through attending Sunday morning Discussion Group and Worship Services has been exceptional.  While other congregations are experiencing declines in attendance and membership, we have been steady-on. We can boast an average 60 people signing in on Zoom every Sunday.  You are also showing up on Zoom for committee meetings, Soul Matters Groups, Lifelong Learning, FAITH meetings, and many other events which keep us growing intellectually and spiritually.

In addition to the gift of your presence to the congregation, you have also been steadfast in your financial support. You fulfill your pledge commitments which, in uncertain times, proves your sense of abundance and generosity.  Further, approved the recent capital improvements to our premises which assures a safe and lovely religious home for us to return to. But more so, you also extend a welcoming hand to seekers of our unique liberal religion who will come to us from the wider community and find themselves safe and comfortable in our spaces.

Lastly, I want to address the question I am sure is on all our minds at this time — when will be able to return to the building and once again enjoy in-person worship services?  It is still too soon to say, but presently our Technology Team is hard at work to improve production quality for live-streaming from the sanctuary. Livestreaming will facilitate our transition to in-person worship by allowing hybrid gatherings where folks will have a choice of whether to join in person or connect from home.  And, of course, this way, our seasonal and relocated members can continue to stay connected to our community.

I close in thanking you all, members of this remarkable congregation, for your steadfast commitment to maintaining our beloved community in the face of tough and challenging times.  You are awesome!                         

In faith and love,                                                                                                             Rev. Kathy