July 4— Mary Ellen Ottman, “Independence: Is that Really the Goal”
A paradigm shift may be useful.  Consider that we all have different abilities, and those differences lead us onto different pathways.  We may be mathematically capable, visually creative, adept at composing music, athletic, compassionate, and the list goes on for all people with a constellation of capabilities and interests. Instead of independence, could the goal be the freedom to live everyday lives? Or something else?  Mary Ellen will share perspectives for answering these questions. 
Service Leader: Rita Scheeler Co-hosts: Ludy Goodson and Julie Hilburn  

July 11—Dr. Dan Gribbin, “When Social Justice Went to College” 
When progressives took to the streets in the early decades of the 20th century on behalf of women’s suffrage and other causes, the marchers were predominantly mature adults.  That demographic changed in the 1950s with the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, and, in the 1960s, progressive causes were often described as student movements. Let’s examine these changes and what organizations promoted the involvement of young people in the movement for social justice.
Service Leader: Carolyn West Co-hosts: Ludy Goodson and Julie Hilburn 

July 18—Dr. Barry Pendry, “A Quest for Spiritual Maturity”
While we all age,  we may not mature spiritually.  However, such maturity can occur at any age, given the right guidance and circumstances.   As Unitarian Universalists, we can recognize and integrate all teachings that can lead to spiritual growth.  Dr. Pendry’s current spiritual practice includes the integration of Christianity and Zen.  As he says “I appreciate the opportunity to explore such an important topic as I need all the spiritual maturity that I can muster for these challenging times.
Service Leader: Cliff Jackson Co-hosts: Ludy Goodson and Julie Hilburn  

July 25— Sensei Morris Doshin Sullivan, “Buddhism for Real Life”
After the Buddha awakened, he taught people from all walks of life, from monks seeking a complete transcendence to kings seeking the best way to govern and everyday people just wanting to live less stressful lives. Sensei Sullivan will share some foundations of Buddhist practice that everyone can apply for fuller, more authentic and more peaceful living.  A Zen monk, Sullivan is the head dharma teacher for Volusia Buddhist Fellowship, regular lecturer at White Sands Buddhist Center and a chaplain at Stetson University.  
Service Leader: Ludy Goodson Co-host: Kathryn Neel 

August 1st— Paul Pritchard, “Origins of Christianity and Ancient Egyptian Theology”
Let’s explore ancient Egyptian religion as it evolved over 3000 years before Christianity.  “One god,” “baptism,” “the son of god,” and the importance of reincarnation and the  afterlife were elements of the ancient Egyptians long before there was Buddhism,  Confucianism, and other world religions.  Unlike the “allegorical” tenets of Judaism and Christianity, the ancient Egyptians documented and preserved much of their culture.
Service Leader: Carolyn West Co-hosts:  Ludy Goodson and Kathryn Neel 

August 8th— Stephen Estabrooks, “Our Place in the Universe”
Let’s take a quick look around, wave to our neighbors and then began a brief journey. At the end, you won’t be exhausted, but you’ll feel like you should be.
Service Leader: Carolyn West Co-hosts: Ludy Goodson and Kathryn Neel

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