March 7th — Rev. Kathy Rickey, “Our Unitarian Universalist Theology” Given our religious pluralism it may sound odd, but we indeed have a core theology founded in a covenant of care. Understanding this theology will help us live out more fully the values of our faith tradition. March 14th — Rev. Kathy Rickey, “Celebrating Women’s History Month: Mary Rice Livermore” Mary Livermore (1820 – 1905) was a Universalist and extraordinary woman of her time. Her life’s work is worthy of our attention as we hold up the worship theme of “Commitment” this month. March 21  Dr. James Shoopman, “The Duke’s Deficiency in Authenticity” The Duke is none other than John Wayne, star of the movie The Searchers.  The virtue of authenticity, as established by existential thinkers such as Kierkegaard and Sartre, is that by claiming the right to make decisions on our own, we make better decisions because we refuse to hide from our own responsibility for them.  The problem with John Wayne’s character in The Searchers is that he refuses to recognize the agency of the young girl who should be allowed to decide whether to remain with the Native Americans or to return to the white world of her uncle.  Dr. Shoopman will face off with the Duke as he explicates this situation. March 28th — Rev. Kathy Rickey, “Ostara and Our Commitment to the 7th Principle” We will be one week past the Spring Equinox, for many cultures a time to celebrate fertility, rebirth, and the coming fruits of the earth. Let us be reminded of our call to live responsibly within the biosphere that sustains all life on the planet. April 4th –Rev. Kathy Rickey, “Between the Pandemic and a Prodigal Spring”    In the Northern hemisphere, this time of year can be a kind of cusp or liminal space between the dormancy of winter and the hyperactivity of life awakened in spring. As we wait for the pandemic to subside like the first thaw of spring, what are our hopes as we return to a new-normal life?